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<Oveur> Well, yes and no. Let me tell you about an email I sent today, it's about a prototype which might exchange the current gameplay of instas,in most aspects, removing them, but allowing someone to fit modules toimprove warp accuracy
<Oveur> think like, a navigational computer in a high slot, where you need 6 to warp spot on.
<Oveur> So like, we're toying with ideas, and have been for a long time, because not only does it affect gameplay, but it also takes seriousserver load having 50.000 people with up to 4000 bookmarks handled
<Oveur> whether this one is something we're going to implement, I don't know yet, will we remove it all together? we might, but I'd like to seesome compensation for longer travel than instead
<Oveur> cause there is nothing as boring as seeing your ship jumping 50 systems
<Oveur> I can like, have sex 150 times during that period
<Nebulai> ...
<Rhaegar|afk> >.<
<Oveur> uhm, did I say that out loud?
<TomB> ice mining doesnt come close to that
<t20> tmi ?
response: #211
Why not add more database space or limit the amount of active book marks a person can have? This is one "nerf" that would seriously inhibit many peoples play styles. Talk about long jumps try doing it in a barge. Will they be able to fit these 6 mods?
response: #216
or why not just let people warp to 0m or whatever and let pvpers have a mod that does the job of a mobile warp disruptor, or catch people on the other side of a gate?

There is one problem with removing instas and thats warping to cans if your mining. How you going to address that issue if you remove instas?
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