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ChronoSphere > sup dudes
Alex Barba > hey
ChronoSphere > how's the eve universe today
Alex Barba > trying to baui a russina vaga
ChronoSphere > vagina?
Will Clark > :)
Will Clark > and I am on my way to fraken work once again
Alex Barba > hehe
bfmReciprocity > well if you work with Vagina's you wont miss anything
Will Clark > its not funny
Will Clark > hahaha sadly I don't work with vaginas
ChronoSphere > lol
bfmReciprocity > ;p
ChronoSphere > i did last night :P
ChronoSphere > i was jumped by my wife as the roam last night entered e02
ChronoSphere > logged ou there
Will Clark > need another bowl before I can deal with work
Will Clark > afk
ChronoSphere > then i logged in this morning, and saw the roam bagged a covert ops fleet and 2 black ops bs
Will Clark > you need to set your priorities straight
Will Clark > :)
ChronoSphere > now i'm asking the question what was better, sex or gettin gin on those kills
ChronoSphere > lol
Will Clark > sex is for 10 minutes
Will Clark > the KM will last a life time
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