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Spicypixel > afternoon ladies
Xious > Spicy
Xious > I was wondering
Xious > Do you like bum bums?
Spicypixel > only a little, you?
Xious > Meh
Xious > I'm partial to a little bum bum
Spicypixel > ah right, with horseraddish?
Xious > Oh god no
Xious > I'm not a savage sir
Spicypixel > ah just me then
Xious > Apparently
Spicypixel > keep that between us though
Xious > Yeah no issues man
Xious > You know, we cool
Spicypixel > good times, wouldnt want something like that to get out
Xious > Would be a public disaster
Spicypixel > yeah maybe even a savage disaster
Conlin > fag time
Xious > Publically savage disaster
Spicypixel > oh shit, this is alliance chat
Spicypixel > :'(
Leviathan Tank > oshi
Spicypixel > guess its time to biomass
Xious > kthxbb
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