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Alexandria Magnus > Yes, but why do they call it the xbox 360?
Alexandria Magnus > Because when you see it, you turn 360 degrees and walk away!
Black Bonnie > oh god not this again
Agilas > turn 360 and walk away, that's real funny
Black Bonnie > you turn 360, you face the same direction
B'tar Adar > ah 360 in a circle so you will be right where you started
Agilas > watch that you don't trip over it
Black Bonnie > 360, like revolution?
Camoss > You can't really turn 360 and walk away, because if you did a 360, you'd go completely around and end up facing the way you started
Black Bonnie > turn around?
Alexandria Magnus > you are a idiot B'tar Adar, they even teach you geography in the schools?
Agilas > what's geography got to do with anything?
Camoss > Thats what I wanna know
Alexandria Magnus > stupid russians, EVE is an <i>American</i> game, go back to your country!
Bubon Avarus > actually its not
Agilas > ahhh, an american, that explains everything ;)
Camoss > It's Icelandic :-)
Bubon Avarus > isn't CCP based in iceland?
Bubon Avarus > yea
Camoss > Bubon thats correct
Alexandria Magnus > CCP has an office in iceland, sure, for some outsourced developement, but it was founded, created, and has HQ out of Georgia, USA
Camoss > You need to do some more research, Alex
Alexandria Magnus > your a idiot, stfu
Camoss > Georgia is the former home of a development company that was bought by CCP
Camoss > White Wolf
Alexandria Magnus > dont even understand a xbox joke and your telling me you think you know more than me?
Camoss > "Think"?
Alexandria Magnus > like i said your a idiot
Camoss >
Alexandria Magnus > go back to your country foreigner scrub kid
Camoss > Anybody here want to back me up?
Cmndr Griff > I thought his joke was the funniest I have ever read, I even wrote it down
Alexandria Magnus > they know your a idiot
Bubon Avarus > "Founded in 1997, CCP is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the single-server persistent universe concept of the MMOG genre. CCP Games is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland with an office in Shanghai, China. " -
Agilas > alexandria, take a pro tip and shut up before you make an even bigger fool of yourself
Alexandria Magnus > your a idiot to Agilas, so stfu
Cmndr Griff > Do you have any more comedy gold material?
Agilas > at least I can spell, and use the right words
Camoss > You know your calling everyone an idiot but the only one making a fool of themselves is you
Bubon Avarus > heh yea this is pretty funny
Camoss > It's hilarious :-)
Agilas > I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, but I'm easily entertained.
Bubon Avarus > Alex, did you read the quote from the CCP site I posted?
Camoss > Or the wikipedia link I posted?
Alexandria Magnus > stfu your a idiot i dont read things you write down
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