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Ben Booley > i was about to go with only 10
Ben Booley > and then the rest all suddenly joined
Namamai > no tears, mind you, was just a sabre and it was a good kill
Ben Booley > fucking fleet finder
Ben Booley > i wanted a goodfight
Bacchanalian > hey, I'm happy with the Vaga and Hurricane kill
Bacchanalian > was a good trade
Namamai > yeah, the vaga was nice
Ben Booley > ccc
Bacchanalian > but as I said, we made a mistake I won't make again--looking for a :goodfight: from Genos
Ben Booley > m8 if it ws just genos you wouldve got a goodfight
Namamai > but tbh mate, if you want goodfights you failed right off the start by putting up something in fleet finder.
Ben Booley > they dont know how to x
Ben Booley > its the only way to get anyone in fleet
Namamai > then congrats, you're internet white knighting for the eve equivalent of the special olympics ;)
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