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Sidoneus > well, I'm off anyway
*Haakmed gasp!
Haakmed > no hug?
Haakmed > wtf man? lol
Sidoneus > only FNFL get my special hugs.
Haakmed > I DEMAND HUGS!
*Sidoneus gives you a grizzly bear
Haakmed > good god!
Sidoneus > my buddy likes to hug
Haakmed > where did you fit that? lol
Sidoneus > there's a special slot for it
Haakmed > T2 hugs?
Sidoneus > I have 5 high slots, 6 mid, 5 low, 3 rigs and 2 wild animals
Haakmed > lol
Haakmed > whats the other wild animal?
Sidoneus > the other one is my ex.
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