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Hitome Kei > who is sugar tits...
Hitome Kei > or do i wanna know
Koronakesh > not you, mhitome :P
Mizhara Del'thul > /emote sprinkles sugar on Hitome's jubblies. > Now you are!
Morwen Lagann > rofl
Hitome Kei > /emote licks a bit of it off... mmmm messy and not as good as the sponge candies we had today. actually I am a bit sugared out. Need something salty.
Mizhara Del'thul > ...
Mizhara Del'thul > Must... not....
Mizhara Del'thul > Can't... resist...
Mizhara Del'thul > /emote points at Koro's crotch, leaving it at that.
Koronakesh > ./facepalm
Hitome Kei > NOooooOOOoooo
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