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Camoss > Man I am just pleasing everyone today
dobot297 > haha
Zeerow Kildar > hey im coming to ya camoss
Zeerow Kildar > i want some of that
Camoss > What the exotic dancers?
Zeerow Kildar > yup
Camoss > I guess that makes me a pimp
Camoss > :-}
dobot297 > haha
Zeerow Kildar > hey, anyway to make money right?
Camoss > lol
Camoss > so what kind of service are you looking for?
Camoss > ;-)
Zeerow Kildar > anything and everything
Zeerow Kildar > and i want to be fucked up before tooo
Camoss > hehe well i got 10 girls available
dobot297 > bam what do you want?
dobot297 > mindflood is what the kids want these days
Zeerow Kildar > want ot be tripping xD
dobot297 > it's the space age acid
Camoss > lol
Zeerow Kildar > hehe
Zeerow Kildar > UEDG
dobot297 > you'll be totally tripping balls
Zeerow Kildar > United Eve Drug Gang
dobot297 > UEH
Camoss > Oh
dobot297 > United Eve Huslters
Camoss > I thought United Eve Dopped-up Girls
Camoss > lol
dobot297 > haha, nice
Camoss > well these ten girls drive a hard price (among other things). 1000 creds each, and they'll do whateva you want.
Zeerow Kildar > hehe
dobot297 > lol
Camoss > Damn they need to have strip clubs in the Incarna patch lol
dobot297 > hahaha
Zeerow Kildar > hah
Camoss > Then I'll be able to rent my girls out
Zeerow Kildar > strip clubs..boost perception at the expense of memory, intelligence and isk
Camoss > LOL
Camoss > Charisma goes down the tubes too
Zeerow Kildar > duration, 12 hours
Zeerow Kildar > well..
Zeerow Kildar > charisma should go up...maybe
Zeerow Kildar > random d20 chance for charisma to go up
dobot297 > depends on your willpower
Camoss > Only when trying to get in the pants of one
Zeerow Kildar > haha
dobot297 > haha
Zeerow Kildar > i hope your listening CCP! we gots amazing ideas
Camoss > rofll
dobot297 > hahaha
dobot297 > they they might pay for t he ideas
Zeerow Kildar > lol nah
Camoss > And the girls
Zeerow Kildar > LOL
Zeerow Kildar > the girls yes
Zeerow Kildar > xD
Zeerow Kildar > we all be pimpin for money in Incarna Patch
Zeerow Kildar > wars wont be over star systems...they will be to get more girls
Camoss > 8-)
dobot297 > while listening to rick ross
Camoss > lol
Camoss > As long as it's not Rick Astley
dobot297 > or rick astley
Zeerow Kildar > "fuck! <all-day pimpin> has too many girls!" war-dec <pro-pimps> vs <all-day pimpin>
dobot297 > hahahahahahahahahaha!
Camoss > LOL Zee
Zeerow Kildar > and if you get an actual girl in your pimpclan, it give you 100 ingame girls xD
Zeerow Kildar > yes...teh PIMPCLAN
Camoss > ROFL
dobot297 > haha
Zeerow Kildar > thats going in my bio..."starting a pimpclan! who wants to join"
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