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Ryoken > Yeah so guess what?
Jillian > What?
Ryoken > MY girl friend dumped me -_-
Jillian > Awwww im sorry, how come?
Ryoken > Because I say baby to my Apoc more then I say it to her.
Jillian > Your ganna let this game cross over into your life if you dont stop playing it soon
Ryoken > It already has, Now im just waiting to get fired, they don't know I have Eve installed on the server at work.
Jillian > Really?
Ryoken > Yeah, its amazing how nice Eve runs on a Dual Xeon machine with a T1, you would wet yourself
Jillian > uhhhh, how about no
Ryoken > lol, mabey not wet i meant blowyour mind.
Jillian > O gawd
Ryoken > What?
Jillian > Nothing, (men)
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