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Zander Zu > Is there a way just to check if WT are in local?
Corey McDonald > WT?
Zander Zu > Wartargets (People who declaired war on me)
Zubrette > Yes,
Corey McDonald > ah, shouldnt they have red
Zubrette > there is a red star next to their name
Corey McDonald > like a skull
Zubrette > not a skull
Zubrette > skull means pirate
Zander Zu > Dont want to miss one - in 700+ people
Corey McDonald > shouldve probably asked that in help chat
Corey McDonald > now they know you're here
Garth Alwin > so what you're really asking is, "Is there a way to make me see them easier incase i don't look hard enough?"
Zander Zu > PS: The corp is all me - 2ndly i dont see any - but just wondering if there is an easy way to do a "search" of some kind
Zander Zu > Yes
Zander Zu > Lol
Garth Alwin > the answer is no
Corey McDonald > raining on the parade garth
Garth Alwin > /emote smells his coffee
Garth Alwin > yup welcome to monday
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