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DraLaFi > man i ran into a pretty cute blonde last night... but she was crazy as fuck ones got in abit closer lol... good thing my mate saved me out of that one or i would prolly still be tied to a cross whearing nothing but spandex...
wardo653 > and thats a problem cos?
DraLaFi > still abit more on the bad-side then i usually find them...
wardo653 > I was gonna say depends if you are a "giver" or "taker" but hitting a woman isn't my thing
wardo653 > and taking ten lashes with a wip ain't either
DraLaFi > better prep a few gallons of coffee
DraLaFi > and hope not to many "moraly-hangovers" hits me :p
wardo653 > yeah waking up after being beaten shitless by a girl, and having a moumental hangover would be one of those "never drinking again" hangovers
wardo653 > it might be ok being tied up might not be soo bad......until the 12inch black mamba comes out.....
wardo653 > and she says "this will hurt you more than it'll hurt me"
wardo653 > /emote winces
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