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brutorans > you would have been poped regardless of me being there or not
MoonCreator > dont really care . you fucked up by shooting a blue alt .
brutorans > who is in a neutral corp
brutorans > for all i know you could have hot droped me (unlikley as it may be)
MoonCreator > yes and WAS reported in intel so no reason AT ALL to shoot at me
brutorans > come on, you expect everyone to check intel every time they see a cyno in lowsec?!
brutorans > i stoped shooting and i reped you
brutorans > then i docked when he started shooting you
Major Cyno > shit happens dudem its just a cyno frig
MoonCreator > i know its just a cyno frig , but the fact that he didnt bother looking in intel says it all
brutorans > oh noes you guys, cyno in vehan, lock down fountain
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