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<Ap0k> DIE MIM
* Ap0k stabs mim
<|AFDT|mim> ohnoes
<|AFDT|mim> i have been thwarted by the mighty ap0k!
<Ap0k> shutup
<Ap0k> you're dead
<|AFDT|mim> my evil plans of cookies and marshmellows have been disrutped and shall never help me conqure 1.0 space!
<|AFDT|mim> the poor unlead carebears will never have chance to fall under my leadership and in a great revolution of flufflyness cast out the evil greifer from the world of eve!
<|AFDT|mim> oh woe unto thee, evil ap0k, woe!
* |AFDT|mim dies
<Ap0k> finally fs
* |AFDT|mim waits for his oscar
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