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Koga Bisaya > missiles are just not hetero
Koga Bisaya > at all
Triple Entendre > They're not. they're rocket propelled phalluses.
Koga Bisaya > missiles are dildoes
Triple Entendre > Fly the Nemesis
Triple Entendre > And you're flying a fat stalker who assaults people with explosive dildos
Triple Entendre > PS: You can now never unsee that
Triple Entendre > Oh, by the way. About number three on the list of things not to say when you answer the phone
Triple Entendre > "Hi, please answer this simple question. If my balls were on your chin...Where would my dick be?"
doom5673 > that depends entirely on the angle of incidence
doom5673 > between my dick
doom5673 > and your nose
doom5673 > or forehead for that matter
Triple Entendre > These are the questions in life that must be asked.
Triple Entendre > "The mathematics of fellatio". That is going to be a best selling book.
doom5673 > if two whores leave a pimps house at the same time and one travels east and the other travels west which of them got slapped that night
Koga Bisaya > both of them
Triple Entendre > Koga knows this.
Triple Entendre > He was the pimp.
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