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JumpinJesus > being nice to a girl on the internet wont get you anywhere near her vagine
Pr0pt3rhawk > damn it
JumpinJesus > vagina*
Pr0pt3rhawk > you would know whouldnt you
JumpinJesus > ofc, im the old, bitter one
JumpinJesus > im here to teach you the ways of the internet my young padawan
JumpinJesus > lesson one
JumpinJesus > drop your pants and bend over
Pr0pt3rhawk > rofl, ive been on long enough to know the rules
JumpinJesus > you havent been on this planet for long enough to know any rules
Pr0pt3rhawk > took you that long to learn em eh?
Pr0pt3rhawk > sad
JumpinJesus > i only got internet last night
JumpinJesus > what can i say
JumpinJesus > im a fast learner
Pr0pt3rhawk > omish i guess?
JumpinJesus > and what would omish be?
Pr0pt3rhawk > people who sit arounnd hopping there lak of worldl itrest getts them somhwere
JumpinJesus > even your language skills are on a 12 yr old lvl
Pr0pt3rhawk > sorry if im not a typist
JumpinJesus > a "typist"
JumpinJesus > so youre a "bangist" ?
JumpinJesus > head->keayboard
JumpinJesus > hoping to make sense?
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