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Nadya Magdalena MacGyver Hey sis you have mean friends.
Hyrune Typhoon you need some red beans an rice on those bones
Hyrune Typhoon cause they do miss ya
2112 ByTor Hey do u use her as a coat hanger?
Nadya Magdalena MacGyver Oh I get it, is this some form of hazing ritual? Picking on the newbie?!
Nadya Magdalena MacGyver hrmph
Falcon Rainfeather oh man and I missed out on it again. crap
Hyrune Typhoon missed out on what?
Falcon Rainfeather the real hazing :)
Hyrune Typhoon whatta you mean, "real hazing"?
Falcon Rainfeather the one where we all get into ibises and shoot at our newest member while she goes down a gauntlet
Nouva MacGyver wow that's a thought
Hyrune Typhoon oh that sounds like fun actually :P
Nadya Magdalena MacGyver Sis!! I can't believe you're taking their side!
Nouva MacGyver Hey, bros before.... nevermind
Nadya Magdalena MacGyver oh no you didnt!
Hyrune Typhoon that's "di'int"
Nadya Magdalena MacGyver :-0
Nouva MacGyver pew pew pew
Nadya Magdalena MacGyver pop
Nouva MacGyver Your sisterly love wrecks your younger sister for her tears
Nouva MacGyver *salvaging*
Falcon Rainfeather ah the sweet sounds of discord. music to my ears
Nouva MacGyver You salvaged a broken heart from the wreck
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