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Shirer Aprenon > how far are you from your bs mate?
Sitek > havnt looked me still mining i think still long way to go
Shirer Aprenon > which one are you after?
Sitek > apoc is that right
Shirer Aprenon > sounds right :)
Sitek > still in the one lm lent me to use
Shirer Aprenon > it mines fast - 8 high slots? or 9
Asestorian > how can anything have 9 high slots?
Sitek > it has 8
Asestorian > you know of a secret ship then shirer? with 9 high slots? :P
Shirer Aprenon > so sorry o eve master
Asestorian > lol
Shirer Aprenon > for i have not had the honour of having anything more exciting than a brutix
Asestorian > thats right, bow to me!
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