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Barren Wuffet > Maybe one of these days I'll see if I can get my main down here and join one of your gangs if that's ok with you.
SokoleOko > we have no blues
Barren Wuffet > I'm a happy person too, can deal with that.
Barren Wuffet > Although technically you wouldn't have to blue me. Just not shoot me during the duration of the gang. I have no use for blue status anywhere else then my own alliance. I hate it when I'm in an alliance that blues all the neigbours.
SokoleOko > what I'm trying to say
SokoleOko > it's either you're part of Ineluctable
SokoleOko > or you are target for Ineluctable
Barren Wuffet > I know, just trying to needlessly prolong the conversation for the sake of my own entertainment
SokoleOko > then let me congratulate on your obviour success
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