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MDS1 > I anyone good at anal? for this c5 magnometric site?
MDS1 > Is anyone*
Civ Zomas > Oh man, that's got to go on OMGRAWR.
Mrs Fantastic > lol
Mrs Fantastic > dave, analysis is not a word you want to abbreviate
Civ Zomas > I honestly wouldn't know if anyone here is good at anal.
Poetry > i um... wow.. um yeah that is one hella typo
MDS1 > We need someone that has anal 5
Bethany TwiLight > lol
MDS1 > Analysis*
stefoukk > i have anal 5
Poetry > ask that alien on American Dad i guess.
MDS1 > An anal specialist
Poetry > oh never mind. hrm.. anal 5, give new mean to the term Sisters Core Probe.
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