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Ryyft > dunno, how do atoms or even smaller thingamajigs equal reality?
Par'Gellen > mind... blown....
NUKUNNI TRADING > i have oft times pondered on this myself.
NUKUNNI TRADING > and concluded if I understood it I would probably be significantly better off than I am
Planktal > reality is nothing more than energy vibrations
Ryyft > doing its own off and on things
Loos Skroos > were all made of pixels in someone else's giant Sims game
Planktal > basically
Ryyft > jah, and were a few months away from "down time" according to some prophecys D: *Squeals*
Ryyft > or patch day
Loos Skroos > new expansion release, haha
Ryyft > "and in todays news, the end of times wipes out or "resetted" all npc functions inherent in the human race and in reality and fixed a few bugs. like nipple hair."
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