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Aaron Eckhart > o
nick gundrum > are you really the real <url=showinfo:1377//91354862>Aaron Eckhart</url>? i dont believe you
Aaron Eckhart > yes
nick gundrum > DUDE, can i have your autograph?
nick gundrum > i cant believe i am talking to youu
nick gundrum > this is amazing
Aaron Eckhart > well what can i say eve is a fun game
nick gundrum > i just made 2m mining, this is a fun game!
Aaron Eckhart > congratulations!
nick gundrum > yes i am up to 26m im saving up for an exhumer. possibly a covetor or a hulk :D
nick gundrum > <url=showinfo:17478//1005366816321>Bender</url> is my baby
Aaron Eckhart > i'm sure you'll get there eventually, as long as you're persistent
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