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Rianharte > cer nydd-dro 'ch hun cacha d]
Feral Karkassia > or a sign of "I'm leaving local before I get myself petitioned." Now shush.
Rianharte > silence your self. how dare you tell a armarrian citizen to shush
Feral Karkassia > 1. You pay your eve subscription, I pay mine. 2. You aren't an Amarrian citizen. 3. You ARE some geek with no life who prefers that of a --whatever you are-- to his own, and can't get over it long enough to SHUT UP in local for five minutes
Feral Karkassia > now take your pax amarria, clean my crap off it, and have a nice day.
Rianharte > is it your time of the month?
Rianharte > anyway this conversation bores me bye love you
Feral Karkassia > Are YOU looking to get petitioned? That's a pretty dumb thing to say--but no, I'm not a petition whore. And no to the other bit, I hate you throughout the month.
bfmReciprocity > Blaaahhhhh
bfmReciprocity > brb Tak'n the pax to the restroom
bfmReciprocity > I was gonna have to go shopping today but now that I have the Pax...... Problem solved
bfmReciprocity > /emote comes out of teh station for a smoke.......... This is one hell of an orgie. Sorry no pax believers invited
bfmReciprocity > ahhhhhh hedonism
Feral Karkassia > :D BFM's a good li'l bad boy, what with the mask and all.
bfmReciprocity > Mmmmmmm pirate love
Feral Karkassia > /emote gets out the eye patch
Feral Karkassia > Kinky
bfmReciprocity > well smoke is done, back to the grind... hehe
bfmReciprocity > close te curtains feral
Feral Karkassia > Why not? I don't mind them watching. Maybe they'll learn a thing or two... ;)
bfmReciprocity > I dont want intimidate the locals.
bfmReciprocity > My "crukise missile" has been blessed by God
Feral Karkassia > wait, you aren't Caldari
Feral Karkassia > don't you mean your 1200mm artillery shell?
bfmReciprocity > nope I'm a slave
bfmReciprocity > lol
Feral Karkassia > that's what I thought, now put on those handcuffs and get back in there
bfmReciprocity > only if you take off that brass bra
Feral Karkassia > so are we the only two in on this?
bfmReciprocity > we must have put the others to bed
bfmReciprocity > I have stamina
Feral Karkassia > oh baby oh baby
Feral Karkassia > well if anyone wants in on this they just have to ask... excluding anyone with 'holy light' of anything in their bios
Feral Karkassia > because glow-in-the-dark condoms are just dumb
bfmReciprocity > lol
Sirkka Ikonen > in on what?
Feral Karkassia > A big hot pirate orgy
Sirkka Ikonen > oh, sounds sexy
Feral Karkassia > :)
bfmReciprocity > It's hard to do this laughing ... stop making me laugh....
bfmReciprocity > You found my weak spot
Feral Karkassia > I'm not painting a freakin target on there again, stop laughing.
bfmReciprocity > I can't
Feral Karkassia > Ticklish? :D
bfmReciprocity > Slap me again
bfmReciprocity > please
Feral Karkassia > "Please, MISTRESS."
bfmReciprocity > <br>Please Mistress
Feral Karkassia > /emote bends bfm over
Feral Karkassia > /emote slaps his bum
bfmReciprocity > Whooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sirkka Ikonen > rofl
bfmReciprocity > wait
bfmReciprocity > I'm sensitivve
Feral Karkassia > You want the cuffs back off?
Feral Karkassia > /emote shuts the curtains
bfmReciprocity > thank you
bfmReciprocity > I mean thank you mistress
Feral Karkassia > ;) that's better.
Agmamenon Exinferis > ohh....does she pilot a Domi too? :)
bfmReciprocity > No she's piloting me
Agmamenon Exinferis > I'm gonna have to demand her as token of your peace offering.
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