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Tristan Acoma [prax]: New plan: alt corp
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: not an alt corp for the alt corp?
***Tristan Acoma [prax] strokes his chin thoughtfully.
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: delegate my delegated task to a delegate
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: then blame all the alts
Tristan Acoma [prax]: sadly I don't have a black cat to pet. My GSP wouldn't have the same effect at all
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: i have a black and white cat, you could delegate the stroking to me, though it would only be 50% effective
Tristan Acoma [prax]: I demand at least 75% effectiveness when I subcontract stroking.
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: i'll need drugs for the extra 25%
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: or i could burn out the cat
Imperium Romanus [pxin]: as i dont have nanite control trained
Tristan Acoma [prax]: that sounds downright sordid. This is a family show.
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