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Juno Libertas > Interesting Question: Is there CONCORD presence in hisec incursion sites?
Mithena > question.... why are there headlights on these spaceships?
Minarqh > So you can see!
Mithena > see hwat.. it's space
Mithena > what*
Mithena > and why would you put a windshield on a spaceship which you would need to see your headlights....
Minarqh > To block out the wind!
Minarqh > Look, it's a game written by the descendants of vikings.
Minarqh > That fact should tell you everything you need to know.
Mithena > also... why does the tapedeck in my tornado play only ambient soundscape mixes
Minarqh > Vikings.
Mithena > shouldn't it play Bjork?
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