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<Stavros> wow
<Stavros> we have teh rhaegar
<Stavros> :P
<Stavros> u know
<Stavros> i think i should get a hostmask
<Stavros> ;/
<Stavros> dont u think so rhaegar
<Rhaegar> wah, sorry wasi ngame :P
<Rhaegar> a hostmask you say
<Stavros> yes
<Stavros> possibly
<Stavros> or something equally sexual
<Stavros> -_-
<Dirus> or :P
<Stavros> yes
<Stavros> that is good as well
<Dirus> EvilBunny@Fur.of.all.Evil :)
<moocifer> nothing with 'us' in it x(
<Rhaegar> do a whois on Stav
<moocifer> X'D
<Dirus> hahahaha
<[BH]Virrago> Address:
<[BH]Virrago> :S
<Stavros> HAX :/
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