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Rastilus Silverthorne > i am having solitary sex in between mining loads
Rastilus Silverthorne > nothing like a good finger job early in the morning
Xavier Higdon > but you're a dude...
Xavier Higdon > that's nasty man
yesterdaysfire Anninen > you ruined my sales advert by distracting people
Rastilus Silverthorne > no quite pleasant actually cause if i use the whole hand it is over to quick
Xavier Higdon > you can fit your entire hand in your ass?
Rastilus Silverthorne > how did you equate putting your hand in your ass to solitary sex you are really twisted man
Xavier Higdon > you said, and I qoute, "nothing like a good finger job early in the morning"
Xavier Higdon > then you said if you use the whole hand it goes to quick
Xavier Higdon > do you have a vagina?
Xavier Higdon > because your character is a dude, so I'm gonna assume you're a dude
Xavier Higdon > and since you're talking about fingering yourself, there's only one hole those fingers can go into...
Duke Hanomaa > lol
Rastilus Silverthorne > not the last time i checked though things can change
Xavier Higdon > and if you have used your whole hand before, then that means your hand can fit in that hole
Howard Joel Wolowitz > lol
Rastilus Silverthorne > no see you would like it to be that way so if it works for you then thats really kool
Xavier Higdon > how else would you be fingering yourself?
Xavier Higdon > you're the one that said you're fingering yourself, I didn't say you were doing that
Rastilus Silverthorne > you must not have a dick then if you have to ask that
yesterdaysfire Anninen > this is way to weird
Xavier Higdon > you can fit a finger in your urethra?
Xavier Higdon > you can fit your whole freaking hand in there?!??!
Xavier Higdon > jesus christ man, I've had friends that needed to get catheters that said it hurt like hell. and those things are tiny. I don't understand how you can enjoy putting fingers in there.
Rastilus Silverthorne > damn some one must have given him a medical book or he's doing to much online reading
Xavier Higdon > I'm just trying to understand why you're fingering yourself
Rastilus Silverthorne > becasue using my whole hand gets me off too quick idiot
Xavier Higdon > lmao
Liam Toralen > wtf
Olga Haapakoski > stop feeding the troll and it will die
Xavier Higdon > I didn't know you could get off like that
Liam Toralen > I love sticking my hand
Liam Toralen > down my urethra
Rastilus Silverthorne > ass i said before you must be a pussy
Xavier Higdon > you too?
Liam Toralen > yeah
Liam Toralen > feels good
Liam Toralen > up to my elbow
Xavier Higdon > I've never even heard of it before and now I've met two people that like it!
Xavier Higdon > this is a great day to be sure
Liam Toralen > try it man
Liam Toralen > its fun
Xavier Higdon > no, I'm scared
Liam Toralen > doesnt hurt at all
Xavier Higdon > yea right, my hand is large, my urethra is tiny
Liam Toralen > #yolo
Xavier Higdon > how long did it take you to stretch yours out Rastilus?
Liam Toralen > I just stuck it in one day
Sae Naari > is this efukt?
Rastilus Silverthorne > she has hole issures lol
Xavier Higdon > who does?
Rastilus Silverthorne > you
Xavier Higdon > lol, I'm sorry man
Xavier Higdon > I'm just fucking with you
Rastilus Silverthorne > as i said you have hole issues
Xavier Higdon > I'm not the one fingering my urethra
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