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<Ulviirala> Ohai! Burning things, Batolemaeus? Well... Charon :)
<Ulviirala> You think it's cold in space, Batolemaeus? Well, better Thanatos into the sun. :)
<Ulviirala> now my cargo overflowed with veldspar -.-
<Ulviirala> and it's your fault, because I made up puns for you
<Batolemaeus> that's what you get
<Ulviirala> you could at least apologise
<Ulviirala> do you know what an Erebus is, Batolemaeus?
<Ulviirala> besser als nyx :)
<Batolemaeus> X-(
<Ulviirala> if Gallente had any respect for nordic mythology, they would have named their cruiser Thorhammer
<Ulviirala> I'm surprising myself tbh xD
<Ulviirala> I heard that the Gallente Federation got the rights for a sequel to the 1982 movie Tron... guess what it's called, Batolemaeus :P
<Batolemaeus> Hyperitron of course
<Batolemaeus> it's the next tier
<Ulviirala> don't ruin my pun :P
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