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Schnizzel Berdinkus > I just see a high sec status with a bounty and think running scared.
Ubu > what bounty?
Schnizzel Berdinkus > 1,600,000 isk. Not enough to waste ammo on, really.
Ubu > you think 1.6 million is a bounty? You're out of touch.
Biggus Tankus > It's money on your head so ergo it's a bounty
Biggus Tankus > could be 1isk but the principle is the same
Ubu > It's someone telling me they like me
Schnizzel Berdinkus > Even if it only enough to say you weren't worth it.
Ubu > anything under a couple hundred mill is a joke
Schnizzel Berdinkus > Which means you're a joke?
Ubu > a joke between friends, but that's cool.
Schnizzel Berdinkus > A real friend would have put a bil on your head.
Ubu > yawn
Schnizzel Berdinkus > And ejaculated.
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