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Andreus Ixiris > Does anyone actually have units of Synthetic Coffee? I can never seem to find any.
Jandice Ymladris > aren't those sold on markets?
Andreus Ixiris > Jandice: They're a market item but I never see any on the market
Biggus Tankus > there are 2 Andreus in Lanngisi @ 875k per unit
Andreus Ixiris > And I thought prices at Starbucks were ridiculous
Jandice Ymladris > Remember, Free Sample
Jandice Ymladris > Then yo'ure hooked and they can milk you dry
Andreus Ixiris > I once saw a Free Sample on contract for a single ISK.
Jandice Ymladris > hope you bought it :p
Andreus Ixiris > It made me very sad.
Andreus Ixiris > It made me very sad because I realised there's someone out there in EVE who has a brilliant understanding of irony but he can only express himself through the contracts system
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