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Pere Madeleine > don't click this:
Pere Madeleine >
Pere Madeleine > it's a penis
Dirty Protagonist > ok
Arasul > hmmm
 masty > can we confirm this?
Dirty Protagonist > someone click it?
Arasul > HANG ON
Arasul > IMMA DO IT
masty > already fapped to it
Tuskajuna > it's hanging
Dirty Protagonist > safe
Crefakis > its ok
Crefakis > it isnt erect
Dirty Protagonist > pretty boring penis
Tuskajuna > first time i see one
masty > mull of kintyre penis
Pere Madeleine > I didn't say it was an exciting penis
Arasul > isnt there usually white stuff coming out of the end
Tuskajuna >
Arasul > fuck....
masty > only when my mouth touches them
Tuskajuna > when your moustache touches them
Pere Madeleine > this is what I love about FMH
Pere Madeleine > silence for hours
Pere Madeleine > then penis
roigon > interesting way to practice exhibitionism
Pere Madeleine > and instantly conversation
Dirty Protagonist > uh huh
Dirty Protagonist > we're doing work
Tuskajuna > important work
Pere Madeleine > penis work?
Crefakis > best work
Tuskajuna > work of art
masty > modern art
masty > cock
Ueberlisk > now thats some twisted shit
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