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Wrayeth > Yeah. It would be soooo fucking awesome...except they fucked the web bonus. Yay!
Wrayeth > They'd originally listed a tracking bonus on the bastion module that would've compensated...then removed it almost immediately.
Wrayeth > I was horribly disappointed.
Minerva IV > yeh
Wrayeth > Now it's just got range bonuses, as if people will be using billion-isk marauders in fleet warfare or something.
Wrayeth > Just...WTF.
Minerva IV > im sure someone will try but i know how it will end :P
Wrayeth > Expensively?
Minerva IV > very :P
Minerva IV > oh look a warp in on 100 bastioned marauders, someone brought a salvager right?
Wrayeth> Dammit, I knew I forgot something!
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