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<Mitchman> btw, there's a bug on the qualifier page for the race. It says Tuesday Oct 5, but oct 5th is a wednesday. Bug spreads down
<Nebulai> erm
<Nebulai> its a tuesday on my calender :P
<Mitchman> tuesday 4th, wednesday 5th
<Stavros> erm
<gota> tuesday was yesterday and it was the 5th :x
<Stavros> 5th is a tuesday
<Stavros> now is the 6th
<Stavros> wednesday the 6th
<gota> tuesday 5th, wed 6th
<Mitchman> oh crap
<Stavros> u realised u suck?
<gota> he realised he missed his race
* Mitchman beats his swiss clock to small pieces
<Nebulai> :P
<Stavros> OWNZED
<Stavros> ;/
<moocifer> X'D
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