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<@Grobtak|Home> Hmm.... Monday.. Means The Hoff is on TV tonight! ;)
<@wizzard66> on my tv, the hoff is available 24/7
<@wizzard66> burned into my plasma
<@wizzard66> even when its turned off, i see his excellent features
<@Midori> do you have a tatoo of him?
<@Midori> or a shrine somewhere in your house
<@wizzard66> dont be silly
<@Midori> or a folder of pictures of him and denise richards having sex
<@Grobtak|Home> :D
<@wizzard66> its not that its an obsession
@wizzard66 hides his bedlinnen with hoff 3d, curtains with denise richards naked, toiletpaper signed by hoff, his kit car build out of an old fiat with a red striped light, his kit-watch he talks into and his denise richards signed photo, odly smelly and stained after years of use
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