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Reginald Sakakibara > In their inferiority, they believed they could rebel against the Empire. Their republic is both weak and pathetic.
Reginald Sakakibara > Only by the light of God's grace can the people of New Eden achieve true enlightenment--GOD SAVE AMARR! ALL HAIL THE EMPRESS! DOWN WITH THE SLAVE SCUM!
Reginald Sakakibara > The slave's position is one of betterment. By living generations of servitude, they can raise themselves from the squalor of their idiocy.
Reginald Sakakibara > And yet the slaves raise their pitchforks, their duct tape, their rust against the fleet of saviours.
Reginald Sakakibara > Against the Imperial Golden Fleet--against the might of the 24TH IMPERIAL CRUSADE!
Reginald Sakakibara > Long live the Empress!
Zen Guerrilla > The Empress takes it in the butt
Raymond Jaques Seever > Yep, because your Empress shags fedos..
james clough > no you take it in the butt from the empress
Zen Guerrilla > i'd like that
Zen Guerrilla > dirty empress
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