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Luncinia Padecain > /emote sneaks up behind and stuffs Demon Cookie in a jar... hold the jar under her arm and yells... "THIS IS MAH COOKIE! Anyones tried to take my cookie will suffer the fires of hell and the mercy of Cthulhu!"
Demon Cookie > *squeals and finds herself captive, secretly enjoying it*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote runs to a corner pulls Demon Cookie out of the jar and starts nibbling
Demon Cookie > /emote moans as she's being nibbled
Luncinia Padecain > shhh!
Demon Cookie > /emote quietens her moans a little after being shushed
Demon Cookie > :P
Luncinia Padecain > /emote takes a gag, stuffs it in Demon Cookie's mouth, ties it around the head and starts nibbling on toes
Zombie Berlioz > o.O
Demon Cookie > /emote is muffled so can only squirm around while being nibbled
Luncinia Padecain > /emote takes a chopstick and pokes the foot in a pressure point until Demon Cookie buckles and starts tying Demon Cookie up to stop the squirming
[Luncinia Padecain > /emote bends over to look demon cookie in the eye... You going to stop squirming now?
Demon Cookie > *nods wideeyed*
Luncinia Padecain > ... ok
Luncinia Padecain > /emote starts nibbling on a finger
Luncinia Padecain > /emote also tickles Demon Cookie's foot with the chopstick
Demon Cookie > *squirms around desperately trying to yank her feet away from the tickling*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote straddles Demon Cookie and smacks the ass hard.... What did I just say?!
Demon Cookie > /emote whimpers muffled by the gag manages to pull it down enough to say "But that was before you started tickling which should be considered cheating!"
Luncinia Padecain > /emote pokes Demon Cookie's foot hard with the chopstick at a pressure point...
Luncinia Padecain > Did you want me to get the paddle?
Demon Cookie > *nods*
Luncinia Padecain > Oh?
Luncinia Padecain > /emote holds back a smile
Bodewhin Schwarz > fucks going on in here o.O
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gets up and comes back with an 1/2" oak paddle with holes drilled in it which looks more like a cricket bat and cracks one over Demon Cookie's ass
Luncinia Padecain > /emote looks at Bodewhin Schwarz ...
Luncinia Padecain > nothing
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gives another swing at Demon Cookie's backside
Demon Cookie > /emote tries to act like she's in pain but secretly enjoys it
Bodewhin Schwarz > Im going to save this chat and upload it somewhere
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gives three more cracks in succession on Demon Cookie
Bodewhin Schwarz > Maybe on the eveO forums
Bodewhin Schwarz > Make a disturbing/emarassing chat thread
Woulaan > <disturbing comment placeholder>
Demon Cookie > Hey just wait till Lucinia cracks out the ballgags :P
Luncinia Padecain > is tough cookie to break
Demon Cookie > You're not meant to break the cookie. Be gentle! (but not too gentle)
Luncinia Padecain > /emote stomps a foot right in the middle of Demon Cookie's back... Did I say you could speak?!
Demon Cookie > *whimpers and shakes her head, wide eyed*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote takes her foot of Demon Cookie's back
Luncinia Padecain > are you going to be good now?
Demon Cookie > *nods*
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gets down and starts to untie Demon Cookie
Luncinia Padecain > /emote gives one more crack across the bottom of Demon Cookie's feet before setting Demon Cookie free
Luncinia Padecain > better?
Demon Cookie > *is untied and relaxes then jumps startled at the last minute swat* Yes, thank you :D
Luncinia Padecain > /emote cuddles with Demon Cookie
Demon Cookie > /emote cuddles with Luncinia Padecain
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