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LigitLawer > Hello, I represent the prosecution in this case Yummy Yummy Yummy > Mom i trying ot be nice and u keep screwed with me
LigitLawer > I, through the evidence i intend to provide to the jury, will prove that Yummy Yummy Yummy is in fact, guilty of being a cheating bitch, and a twatwaffle.
PimpDady > wait...twatwaffle is a good thing isn't it?
Mom > These are my lawyers, What you say to me, you say to them.
PimpDady > she has our pants
LigitLawer > She pays in blowjobs
LigitLawer > He bro
LigitLawer > I know you need isk
LigitLawer > Send me 6B
PimpDady > We not jump on u
LigitLawer > Ill double it
LigitLawer > Im a lawyerr
LigitLawer > You can trust me
PimpDady > he will he just drubled mine
LigitLawer > Ill just take a bit for fees and taxes
TheWooGuy > He is, and you can indeed trust him
Yummy Yummy Yummy > Mom im trying to mend any issues we have your not helping
TheWooGuy > Mom doesn't have the issues
PimpDady > it will help if u send 1 billion and show value of her discussion
PimpDady > see you keep asking for now she is in order to have nice happy time
Yummy Yummy Yummy > hmm
PimpDady > u pay 1 billion u can talk to Mom without us
PimpDady > think of it like eve prostitution
PimpDady > and i am the pimp!
LigitLawer > I would like to bring forawrd a witness to Yummy Yummy Yummy's bitchness
PimpDady > YES I made myself a pimp!
PimpDady > damnit another black guy...hope hes not trying to be a pimp
LigitLawer > BlackguyWithBomb, do you sware to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you Allah?
BlackguyWithBomb > /emote palces hand on drop trigger to suicide bomb
BlackguyWithBomb > I do
PimpDady > don't deal with lawyers send me isk..I get u room with Mom
BlackguyWithBomb > I have witnessed Yummy Yummy Yummy is a cheating bitch, having stolen ISK from corp members
BlackguyWithBomb > Also, he is a twat waffle who cant handel vida games like a pro
PimpDady > and he doesn't even think continued contact with Mom is worth 1billion....
LigitLawer > Thank you, you may leave the stand
BlackguyWithBomb > /emote drops the bomb, and the base
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