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<HellGremlin> Man.
<HellGremlin> That guy's the best.
<CommGuru> :D
<HellGremlin> I'm gonna show that article to any girl I snog in case I need to cut and run
<HellGremlin> "Are you sure you want to cuddle, bitch?"
<HellGremlin> "I cuddle with a claw hammer"
<SpaceDrake> That guy looks so awesome in that picture.
<HellGremlin> Yeah.
<HellGremlin> He's a badass.
<CommGuru> I'd rather drink a beer and watch some football
<NTRabbit> my computer doesnt cuddle
<SpaceDrake> "Do YOU want some claw hammer too, bitch?!?!"
<HellGremlin> The cop behind him is better.
<NTRabbit> so i dont have that problem
<HellGremlin> He's got like.
<HellGremlin> Chins.
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