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[00huntress00]hiya matey we have a problem
[phleet] WTF where has my ship gone?
[00huntress00] erm sorry i had to borrow your ship/account.
[phleet] why?
[00huntress00] got podded so went back to kill em
[00huntress00]and what?
[phleet]and where is my ****** ship
[00huntress00]well thats the problem
[phleet]? you got my ship blown up?
[00huntress00] erm not exactly
[phleet]WTF are you talking about where is my ship?
[00huntress00]how can i put this,as my mother used to say never click eject in the middle of a fight.
[phleet] did your mother also say dont log on as me ever again? because that would be a good saying too.

Some minutes later
[phleet] oh my ********** god where are my implants....
[phleet] huntress?
[00huntress00]sorry :(
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