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Hanns > wtf the hanz
The Hanz > wtf?
Hanns > yeah WTF
Hanns > W T F
The Hanz > WHA!?
Hanns > dunno your name is liek mine but not
The Hanz > mine is the last name equivelent
Hanns > lol
The Hanz > plus, I have a "Z" in my name which makes me so much cooler
Hanns > i have a fucking extra N so beat that
Hanns > lol
The Hanz > You N is no match for the master Z
Hanns > dude N pwns Z coz if u rotate it 90 is IS A Z
Hanns > so HA
The Hanz > so we are even, your n is a young Z in disguise
The Hanz > thus putting us on equal ground
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