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<Urban_Mongral> after 6 hours of DJing the space zombies will come along and start to eat you brain
<Urban_Mongral> and for the rest of your life you will be like Doby
<DJ_Trace_Macho> Blah, like I want to hang around that long anyway
<DJ_Trace_Macho> I got more important things to do... Like drinking whisky and looking at porn
<Urban_Mongral> exactly - thats the way to appease the space zombies
<Urban_Mongral> a brain thats full of porn and whisky is low in fibre and high in cholesterol
<Urban_Mongral> Where as after 6 hours of DJing your brain ends up in a sort of vegitive state - Which is a far more healthy option
<DJ_Trace_Macho> Heh
<Urban_Mongral> Yes good nutrition is important for brain eating space zombies
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