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Da Kid > lets go mine
Lord Seth > umm......i ...umm have to wash teh dog
Da Kid > doesnt it lick itself?
Lord Seth > lol
Lord Seth > i would rather scrub dog balls than mine
Da Kid > you'd rather scrub yours dogs balls than yours??? o.O
Lord Seth > LMAO
Lord Seth > fuck
Da Kid > wanna rephrase that?
Lord Seth > i would rather srub dog ball then shit for endless hours mining ore defeclessly in a astiroid belt
Lord Seth > SIT
Lord Seth > not shit
Lord Seth > i give up
Da Kid > yeah best thing
Dalan Darkstar > kid wins because of typing skills ftw
Da Kid > o/
Lord Seth > cuse
Da Kid > curse o.-
Lord Seth > fucking shit
Lord Seth > yes
Da Kid > trade you your ashimmu for a dictionary seth
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