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Adias Rex > I keep getting important missions 13 jumps away, when there is a storyline agent at the same station as the agent I'm working for
Pau1 Atreides > he must be quite swarmed
Raqamir > Personally, I'm convinced that storyline agents are malicious, player hating, bastards
Adias Rex > I'm not quite sure what that means but if it's a synonym for smeghead then yes
Pau1 Atreides > raq: they are just npcs dude :)
Raqamir > Put they're LAAAAME NPC's
Adias Rex > They eat babies
Pau1 Atreides > hahahahhahah
Pau1 Atreides > THEY CANT
Pau1 Atreides > because they are NPCS
Adias Rex > With ketchup
Pau1 Atreides > maybe they eat NPC babies
Pau1 Atreides > but who cares?
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