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Tethis > damn my pibs tits for fingers
PheonixFlight > no just sick
Tethis > *pigs
CosmicCol > lol
CosmicCol > use a penncil
CosmicCol > pencil even damn my sausage fingers
Tethis > cannot hold one in these trotters
Eronion > wtf are pib tits?
Tethis > scroll up for correction
Eronion > ah, gotcha
CosmicCol > pigs breasts he meant
Eronion > we've got a saying in the US, "You're as worthess as tits on a boar hog"
Eronion > tits
Tethis > of course pigs are a sexual being in their own right in the southern states
marillian > lol
Eronion > nothin' quite like 'em
Eronion > the squeal is what gets me off.
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