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Zeller Heartbourne > your the fool, going to war with our corp that will squash you like a bug and both of you drive thoraxs with medium drones.
Arya o'Winterfell > well we're waiting for this war Zeller and waiting... and waiting...
Zeller Heartbourne > we have battle cruisers and battle ships that can easily kill your small 2 man pirate corp
Arya o'Winterfell > 25 to 2 seems far odds considering we have more balls than your entire corp
Arya o'Winterfell > you have cruisers and battleships?
Arya o'Winterfell > I'd surrender if I was you
Zeller Heartbourne > LOL! surrender?
Arya o'Winterfell > yes and give me a Megathron and 100m isk, if not we'll destroy your corp
Zeller Heartbourne > ROTFL
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