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(Neghotiator) who cares how the girl sings anyway
(Neghotiator) whats more important is cooking and cleaning
(Neghotiator) cuz thats what they gotta be doing
(Neghotiator) not some fancy singing
(KnightDelta) lol
(KnightDelta) You're forgetting something important, Neghotiator.
(Neghotiator) ?
(KnightDelta) If they happen to be grammy award-winning international singers they can also afford a farm filled with those computer dream-machines every geek always dreams of.
(KnightDelta) The Cha-Ching Effect.
(Neghotiator) bill gates can afford that too
(Neghotiator) doesnt mean i pop a boner when i see him
(Neghotiator) (altho i do)
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