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Mac Knife > mastakomen
Hellspawn01 > gesundheit
Mac Knife > what that mean?
Ares Mentis > LOL
Lady Caissa > bless you?
Ares Mentis > good health
Mac Knife > seriously i do actually wanna know
Lady Caissa > yeah that is what it means
Hellspawn01 > after sneezing, we say that
Mac Knife > ahh kk
Ares Mentis > robatussin
Mac Knife > thx lady c and hellspawn
Lady Caissa > if you want a short history lesson.. i could tell you why
Hellspawn01 > /emote takes a seat
Hellspawn01 > go ahead babe
Lady Caissa > The term "bless you", often used after sneezing derives from hundreds of years ago... when ancient europeans thought that a sneeze was caused by a demon possessing your body
Mac Knife > oh i know this
Lady Caissa > thus when someone sneezed, you would bless them to chase the demon from their body
Mac Knife > lol
Ares Mentis > what about demon's in my pants
Hellspawn01 > I knew I have a 2nd personallity but now I´m possessed too
Mr Chrichton > small demons get blessed too
Ares Mentis > OOOOH
Ares Mentis > tha was cold
Lady Caissa > gesundheit... is the german equivilant.... they were not about to use anything remotely like a blessing on someone that was possessed, but instead encouraged the demon to stay
Mr Chrichton > try a warm shower, that will help :-p
Mac Knife > mmm
Ares Mentis > /emote slaps Chrichton with a Dinosaur
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