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The Slayer > hey fuckers
The Slayer > whats going on
Daron Anik > the universe is ending slayer, you missed it
The Slayer > bastards
The Slayer > why did nobody wake me
Daron Anik > too lazy
The Slayer > damn man
Daron Anik > come to H-W at MSHD gate if you want Slayer, we've got a bubble up.
The Slayer > A bubble will stop the end of the universe? Is the universe gonna end by warping off?
The Slayer > Does it have stabs?
Daron Anik > well
Daron Anik > the universe lacks in speed
Daron Anik > so if we get enough pts on it, we got it
The Slayer > Big Bang[GOD] Hits Universefullofhumans[SUCK] causing elevnty billion
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