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Skva > whats gismork in?
Kaylee Starforge > crow
John Rourke > Crow
Lyle Waters > crow
Lyle Waters > 3 crows
Kaylee Starforge > smartbomb his ass plz
The Slayer > OMG
John Rourke > It's a flock
Skva > 3 crows moving up from m-o?
The Slayer > omg
arqueturus > actually
arqueturus > it's a murder
John Rourke > Sounds like a good idea, murder the crows :)
Skva > so theres a murder of crows moving up
Lyle Waters > yeah, he flocked off from us
Skva > isn't that a corp name :P
Kaylee Starforge > could kill all 3 at once
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