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Packtu'sa > I know that CONCORD doesn't flag for shooting corp ships, but do they flag for killing or podding?
Packtu'sa > 'cause I almost destroyed Kaisair's badger accidentally
Packtu'sa > I put my drones on him for 2 seconds
Packtu'sa > And his shield and armor drained instantly
Packtu'sa > He had 30% hull :s
Unitas Galactica > lol
Andros vonBek > lol
Patrick McCarty > heh
Unitas Galactica > sort of thing that could happen to anyone :p
Packtu'sa > Well I didn't KNOW that 5 hammerheads could damage so damn fast...
Packtu'sa > They seem to be crap against frigs I fight
Packtu'sa > Maybe Badger Mark Is just suck
Packtu'sa > He needs to get a Mk II heh
Packtu'sa > Anyway, I'm gonna go rape him in Halo, I'll see everyone later
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