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(&RinnyWee) so i am out in 0.0 with my corp doing some stuff
(&RinnyWee) and i'm like
(&RinnyWee) oh man i need to wee
(&RinnyWee) and get coffee
(&RinnyWee) and have a smoke
(&RinnyWee) so i safespot and off i go
(&RinnyWee) i'm standing out on the balcony having a smoke
(&RinnyWee) and i can see my comp through the doors
(&RinnyWee) and i notice
(&RinnyWee) there's something moving on the screen near my ship
(&RinnyWee) so i'm like oh fuck
(Greme) :O
(&RinnyWee) so i run in
(&RinnyWee) but it's all slippery on the balcony
(&RinnyWee) and i slip and fall on my arse
(&RinnyWee) which is fine
(&RinnyWee) and then i get in and check the screen
(Alacrity) uhoh
(&RinnyWee) and it's just the fucking cursor
(Just_Smith) :)
(&daddy) lol
(&RinnyWee) cause my cat is playing with the mouse cord
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